Instantly pull credit data in Zoho CRM

You have better things to do than manually pull credit data. Our Zoho integration allows you to access credit reports directly in your CRM enabling you to quickly make the right decisions.

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Minimize risk with real-time data

Bad data can result in bad outcomes. Automated reporting eliminates the risk of corrupted or incomplete data, and results in better decision making.

Collect, compare, and analyze directly from your Zoho CRM

Our integration gives you all the necessary tools to make informed strategic business decisions in today’s fast paced marketplace.
Credit Scores

Compare multiple score models for quick and efficient identification of qualified credit extension requests.

Credit Reports

Manage the risks associated with extending credit and help prevent fraud with access to data from TransUnion, Equifax, Experian and LexisNexis.

Loan Calculator

Display and compare the monthly and total cost of multiple loan offerings by selecting existing tradelines from the Credit Report or manually entering proposed loan data.

Comparison Analysis

Produce a custom branded loan comparison analysis that can be sent directly to your customer from your ZoHo account.

How much time could you save with automated credit data management?

By gaining access to our industry-leading Credit Report ZoHo integration, you will increase your team’s productivity and never waste time on tedious data entry ever again.

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Our experts will walk you through the integration’s features and assist you with installation and activation.

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2. See credit data populate in ZoHo

Get easy access to the information and tools you need to optimize your credit extension qualification process.

3. Achieve positive returns

Empower your team to be more productive. Quickly eliminate unqualified leads and concentrate on closing qualified deals more efficiently.

“CRS’s products are accessible and easy to use. They are the only company in this space with enterprise level service that can answer your questions in real-time.”
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Credit Reporting Services you can rely on

Your team’s time is valuable. There is no reason knowledgeable and effective credit extension experts should be spending valuable time on tedious data entry.

At Credit Reporting Services, we create user-friendly and easy to integrate products that offer our clients instant access to accurate data.

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