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See your client’s credit with CRS Credit Data API

A full suite of automated APIs for the consumer lending industry. Direct access to the most comprehensive set of credit data, customized for your business needs.

See client’s credit

CRS credit, fraud, compliance

Show customers their credit with CRS Credit Monitoring

World-class platform enabling consumer and institutional use of shared credit score data. Show your customers their credit score and more, directly in your app, site, or platform.

Show customers’ credit

CRS credit monitoring

Customers and industries we serve

Automotive Leasing & Lending

Pull credit reports to pre-qualify for consumer or commercial auto leasing. Whether you’re leasing to people or businesses, we have the data you need.

Automotive Lending

consumer lending

Personal Lending & Financing

Pre-approve the best candidates with instant credit reports, credit scores, and more. Cut out the fakes and fluff with fraud prevention and KYC.

Consumer Lending

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy legal services rely on data like credit reports, liens and judgments, and criminal and eviction history. Get reports fast. Case closed.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Tenant & Rental Screening

Take the hassle out of screening tenants. CRS makes property management easier with instant credit checks, eviction data, fraud defense, and KYC.

Tenant Screening

Commercial & Business Lending

Power smarter business lending and underwriting with business credit reports. Mitigate risk for small business loans and commercial leasing.

Commercial Lending

Accredited Status for Investors

Assessing potential investors? Get credit reports fast to qualify investors and keep your projects moving. CRS is the top credit data provider for investor needs.

Potential Investors

Financial Technology

Building an MVP? Moving fast? We simplify credit data access, so you can focus on iterating and building the future of financial technology.

Financial Technology

Software Developers

The CRS API is built by developers, for developers. The most comprehensive, customizable set of credit bureau data via a single API.


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Designed for developers

Unified credit data API at lightspeed

We manage integrations with credit bureaus and other data providers, so you don’t have to. Explore a full suite of automated APIs for fast, reliable access to credit and financial data endpoints. Adapt data to your language and framework. Jumpstart your development with a single connection to our credit data API – a scalable, redundant, secure solution that puts all the data you need within reach.

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Credit Profile Request example:

Credit Profile Request example:
    curl --location --request POST '' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --header 'Accept: *' \
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer {Bearer_token}
    --data-raw '{
        "lastName": "YCSWL",
        "middleName": "",
        "firstName": "ASAD",
        "state": "CA",
        "ssn": "666455730",
        "street1": "9817 LOOP BLVD",
        "street2": "APT G",
        "city": "CALIFORNIA CITY",
        "zip": "935051352"

Supporting any language

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Credit Profile Response example:

Credit Profile Response example:
 "consumerIdentity": {
    "dob": {
    "day": "20",
    "month": "02",
    "year": "1982"
    "name": [
    "firstName": "ASAD",
    "surname": "YCSWL"
    "type": "A"
 "employmentInformation": [

Response formats

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Credit Data as a Service™ includes:

Credit & public records data API

The CRS eCredit Data API™ gives you easy access to data and products across all three credit bureaus as well as select alternative data providers.

Credit data API

Credit data API

Hassle-free access to the credit data you need. Minimize your risk with reliable credit data. Access data in a streamlined, timely, and compliant manner.

Credit data API

Credit data widgets & more

Offer consumer credit score data and credit monitoring to your customers as part of your web or mobile experience via our customizable widget.

Credit monitoring

CRA & compliance services

Easily navigate compliance and get a precise product mix that allows you to make the best credit decisions, while keeping your costs low.

Compliance as a Service

“Our #1 Credit Provider. From their amazing customer service to their easy to use API, CRS has helped us every step of the way. They make it extremely easy for companies of all sizes to enter into the credit industry.”

Joseph Alvini, Co-CEO

Joseph Alvini, UpCredit

“CRS Credit API has been an absolute pleasure to work with. From the initial call…they were extremely helpful. What I thought would be a long and difficult process, they made simple and quick.”

Tarik Gluhic, CEO & President

“1 week is all it took to become FCRA compliant with CRS. It’s a lot harder to get approved to pull credit reports in 2022 than it was a few years ago. CRS made it simple and so fast!”

Michael Reminger, VP, Sales & Marketing

“[CRS] should get the award for best customer service, period. They are unbelievably responsive and always have their tech team available to give us support. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Mike Rodriguez, Creative Director

Michael Rodriguez, CEO, Best Option

“CRS has provided us with the infrastructure and support to develop & deliver reliable, highly-scalable screening recommendations to our customers.”

James Albanese, Co-Founder

James Albanese, LeadReel

“CRS recommended the best credit product that provides the most accurate and authentic data we’ve come across! This solution integrates with our CRM and gives real-time access to customers that fit our criteria for different programs we offer. CRS has been extremely helpful in growing our business and their credit pull portal is very easy to use.”

Victor Vickery, CEO

Victor Vickery, Alliance Advisors

Credit data access for clients 10x faster with a CRA

Not all credit data partners are created equal. Integrations alone do not guarantee fast access to data. Non-CRAs must send customers to credit bureaus to be vetted and approved for data access. A Credit Reporting Agency (CRA), like CRS, can directly grant access to data, on behalf of the bureaus. See how CRS reduces time to launch from months to weeks. Talk to us about partnering today.

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Connections to Equifax, Experian, TransUnion with CRS
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CRS can satisfy the most challenging credit data requirements. Try us.

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