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CRS is Credit Reporting Services, Inc.

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We are a national, full-service credit reporting agency certified as a re-seller for Experian®, TransUnion®, and Equifax®.

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We offer a suite of automated APIs for the consumer lending industry.

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With an impressive portfolio of data products and services, we can satisfy the most challenging consumer lending and credit requirements all backed by decades of knowledge and experience in the credit reporting and software industry.

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Our company is focused on one thing. Making sure our customers get all the information they need to make the best credit decisions possible.

A Personal Letter to our Potential Customers

Built Out of Necessity

Entrepreneurs can follow in others’ footsteps, while Pioneers choose un-beaten paths.

To our current and future clients…

Here is a bit of who I am and why I appreciate your business.

While developing credit reporting software to communicate via copper lines in the late 90’s I knew there was a better way. Throughout the early 2000’s I was part of a company that paved the road with the bureaus to pull credit report data through the uncharted territory of the world wide web.

Throughout my 20+ years in the credit reporting industry, my mission to improve the state of technology has never changed. I love what I do, the industry in which I work, and the advancements I know my contributions to this industry have directly made.

Often my peers at the bureaus refer to me as the “innovator” because of my constant pursuit of improving products the bureaus can offer to our clients.

Now, In the daily operations of CRS, I am always reminding my team to be thinking ahead and service our clients just like it was our last.

There are three reasons I know you should choose CRS to be your service provider:

  1. We solve daily problems and extend personal attention to our clients’ needs.
  2. We pursue new and innovative products and maintain the latest technologies.
  3. We maintain competitive service rates.

My personal vow to you is that I will always treat you, our client, like family.​


Yours Truly,

Stephen Hawkins
Credit Reporting Services, Inc.

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