Credit Reports for Financial Technology

Credit data for fintech

Pre-qualify with credit scores and more

Credit Reporting Services specializes in serving the financial technology industry. Our leading-edge credit API product is a highly customizable solution for companies looking to build out a platform using unique strategies for serving today’s consumers. The broad range of products beyond traditional credit reports, Credit Reporting Services can offer through one access point, certainly allows for unlimited scalability.

We pride ourselves in being able to assist financial technology companies in navigating the often difficult landscape of compliance requirements. Credit Reporting Services specializes in providing solutions that make your ambitions to reach new markets viable.

Here is a small sample of the data streams that are available via our credit API:

  • Soft inquiry credit reports
  • Hard inquiry credit reports
  • Fraud alert verification & detection
  • Decision analytics
  • Trended data
  • Premier attributes
  • All credit and financial score models
  • Business identity reports
  • Income verification
  • Asset verification
  • Credit header data
  • Demographic data

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