Credit Reports for Marketing & Lead Generation Services

Credit data for lead generation

Qualify leads with credit scores and more

Boost your business income by utilizing marketing services offered by Credit Reporting Services. We can provide a multitude of products that can serve as a very effective means of lead generation to help you develop a large customer base and close more deals increasing revenue. Instant Pre-Screen offers you the ability to quickly determine if a customer is qualified for other products, allowing you to immediately extend reapproved credit offers. This product allows you to instantly know what other products your customers will qualify for allowing you to cross sell these products. This highly customizable product is simple to integrate into your CRM platform for ease of use. Avoid making costly mistakes by missing golden opportunities to increase the bandwidth of products you resell to your new and existing customers. Prospect triggers allow your organization to purchase lists of active leads that meet your qualifications for potential new customers. Accessing millions of customer records that are rich with data points has never been easier. This tool is highly effective for lead generation and can be customized for broad or very specific metrics ensuring your sales team stays busy with onboarding new customers. Couple either of these products with a soft-pull credit report to complete the official process of extending offers to make formal credit application for credit. Once this formal application is made, Credit Reporting Services can pull the credit report needed for underwriting a formal approval.

Talk with our credit and compliance experts to learn how we can assist with the completion of your entire sales cycle, from customer acquisition to closing the sale.

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