Credit Reports for Investor Qualification

Credit data for investor qualification

Credit reports and more to qualify investors

Credit Reporting Services knows that investor qualification is a tricky process. With our CreditAPI product, we can streamline this process for you by bringing a broad range of report data into your platform via one API connection.

Depending on your investor qualification requirements, Credit Reporting Services can provide soft inquiry credit reports or score-only reports. In most cases, the type of inquiry is important to your savvy investors. Soft inquiry reports and score-only reports ensure that your access to this data will not harm your investor’s credit report or score like a hard inquiry credit report would.

Along with the credit report data, our broad range of fraud verification and detection products will help you secure the most qualified investors. The use of this data during your approval process can be streamlined by integration to our credit API product. One simple connection to our platform can save you the time and effort of having to integrate to multiple vendors for the same products to help satisfy your SEC regulation tests for an accredited investor.

Talk with one of our experts today to learn more about our broad range of available products and the simplicity of integrating to our credit API product to pull this data into your platform.

CRS can satisfy the most challenging credit data requirements. Try us.

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