Credit Reporting for Bankruptcy Attorneys

CRS Credit API

Credit Reporting Services offers a full portfolio of products for attorneys specializing in the bankruptcy process.  These products include a three bureau soft inquiry credit report with either FICO or Vantage Score models.


The bankruptcy Credit reports include full trade-lline details along with creditor names, account numbers and balances.  Creditor lists are appended to the report that include full name, address, and phone numbers for each creditor reporting trade-line data on the credit report.  This detailed information assists attorneys in identifying applicable trade-line details for the bankruptcy process ensuring accuracy when filing bankruptcy documents with the courts.  


CRS understands that there are many steps involved in the bankruptcy process, including debt validation, debt assumption, debt consolidation and debt settlement. In addition, updated credit reports can help in the review process to ensure creditors are periodically and properly updating the consumer’s trade lines as mandated by the FCRA.

Most importantly, the entire portfolio of credit report and data services can be easily and quickly integrated into your CRM platform or any third-party CRM, like Debtpaypro. Our plug-n-play creditapi will assist with making the entire bankruptcy process as efficient as possible for your clients. 


Contact Credit Reporting Services to learn more about these reports and how our CreditAPI product can streamline the legal and bankruptcy process within your current platform.