Complete Credit Checks for Bankruptcy Clients in Minutes

There are more effective ways to be using your time than manually entering credit trade-line data for your bankruptcy cases. Credit Reporting Services allows you to easily and efficiently access the credit data you need on debtors and bankruptcy clients directly into your platform.

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Stop wasting time on manual credit checks

Whether you’re representing a creditor or a debtor, obtaining reliable credit data is a crucial step in your bankruptcy process that can be tedious and time consuming. With automated credit checks, you’ll be able reduce the time you spend getting your hands on reliable credit data, and spend less time drafting bankruptcy documents.

Handle more cases with instant credit checks

Bankruptcy Attorneys are in high demand, but there are only so many cases you can handle. Instant automated credit checks will free up your team’s time to handle a bigger case load, and help more people with their bankruptcy cases.
Reliable Data Sources

By accessing the three credit bureaus as a soft inquiry credit report including either FICO or Vantage score models, you’ll be getting all the information you need to counsel your clients and file accurate bankruptcy paperwork.

World-class support

We provide a dedicated point of contact as well as emergency customer support. All of our experts have at least 20 years of industry knowledge and expertise.

Rapid Integration

The entire portfolio of credit reports and data services can be quickly integrated into your CRM platform or any third-party CRM, such as Debtpaypro. We can also create an easy to access dedicated web portal for your team to quickly and efficiently access Credit Data.

Comprehensive Reports

The bankruptcy credit report includes full trade-line details along with balances creditor names, and their detailed information. These details assist you in identifying applicable trade-line information for your bankruptcy process and ensures the accuracy of any bankruptcy documents you file with the courts.

Automate your bankruptcy credit checks today

Gain access to our industry-leading CreditAPI and put an end to tedious and manual data pulls.

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All of our experts have at least 20 years of industry knowledge and experience. They will walk you through the integration features and educate you about installation and activation.


2. Access instant credit data

You’ll be able to access various data streams and reports through a dedicated web portal, or have them integrated seamlessly into your software platform.


3. Take on more cases

Make the entire bankruptcy process as efficient as possible for all your clients with our plug-and-play credit API, and free up your team’s time to take on additional caseload.


Bankruptcy credit data you can rely on

Your time is valuable. There is no reason bankruptcy attorneys and their teams should be spending their precious time collecting credit data.

At Credit Reporting Services, we create user-friendly and easy to integrate products that offer you instant access to accurate bankruptcy credit reports, so that you can dedicate your focus to guiding your clients through the bankruptcy process.

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“Our representative was really responsive, helpful and committed to helping us get where we wanted to get. They gave us lots of great material, and answered all of our questions along the way.”
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“CRS’s products are accessible and easy to use. They are the only company in this space with enterprise level service that can answer your questions in real-time.”
“Being able to leverage CRS’s relationship with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion was helpful for us to be able to move fast.”
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Q. How complex is integrating Credit Reporting Services into our clean energy financing process?

With guidance from our team of experts, the integration process is a seamless step by step procedure. Should you ever have questions, our team provides 24/7 customer support.

Q. Will I have to train my team on an entire new process?

Instant credit reporting isn’t an overhaul of your existing processes. Instead, it’s a shortcut that will make the gathering and analysis of bankruptcy credit data faster and more efficient. Our products are so intuitive that your team will be easily onboarded and relieved to have access to a tool that simplifies their job.

Q. How long will it take to integrate Credit Reporting Services into my software or CRM process?

The speed of your integration will vary depending on your set up. If you are using a supported CRM platform, you could be up and running overnight thanks to our turnkey solution. If your software requires a custom integration, it could take longer. While the integration is being set up, you will have immediate access to the credit data you need through our web portal. To find out how long it would take to integrate Credit Reporting services to your current software and workflow, please contact one of our credit specialists.

Q. Will it be expensive to integrate Credit Reporting Services into our process?

The cost of your integration will vary depending on your needs and current setup. We encourage you to speak with our experts who are able to consult with your IT team to determine the best integration options for your platform.

Q. Can Credit Reporting Services help us with compliance hurdles?

Yes, we can help you understand the compliance process quickly and efficiently. Our team’s working relationship with the bureaus and extensive experience in the credit data industry gives us the expertise to help you better navigate the complexity of the compliance process.

Q. What should we do about not getting a response from the credit bureaus?

A Credit Reporting Services integration gives you instant access to all the data you need from all three credit bureaus. Our responsive customer service department with handle all direct communication with the credit bureaus internally.

Q. How can we make sure to receive approval from the credit bureaus?

CRS completes the internal vetting process direct with the bureaus on your behalf and you will be able to be activated with all three bureaus once our approval process is completed.

Q. How can I access your documentation on Credit Reporting Services?

Our credit specialists will send you a follow-up email with links to our document library, which includes reports samples and the complete API integration guide. You will be able to access them as needed for review.