Credit Reports for Consumer Loans and Lending

CRS Credit API

Credit Reporting Services offers a broad range of products and services that can assist with making quality consumer loans to qualified candidates.


Integrating to our leading edge CreditAPI will grant you easy access to pulling soft inquiry credit reports that will allow you to invite highly qualified applicants to make a formal application for your consumer lending products. Joining this soft inquiry credit report with one of our many fraud detection products will help you to insure the accuracy of applicant data used during your decision making process.


Once the application invitation has been extended to your applicant, Credit Reporting Services is able to provide your organization with the hard inquiry credit report required to be used in the formal underwriting process. Along with the credit report data, you will have access to a broad range of other data you may require for underwriting.

Here is a small sample of the additional data reports available:

  •     Income score models
  •     Income verification data
  •     Asset verification data
  •     Bankruptcy and lien data reports
  •     Business credit reports
  •     Self-employment verification
  •     Business identity reports


All of these reports and data streams are accessible via our CreditAPI products. This allows for importing this data into your platform via a simple and efficient process.


Contact Credit Reporting Services to learn more about these reports and how our CreditAPI product can streamline your consumer lending approval process within your platform.