Credit Data Direct™ for Zoho CRM

Integrate credit data from all three credit bureaus directly into your Zoho CRM.

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Integrated real-time credit data

Free your business of manual data entry and inefficient customer data management. Transform your entire business with real-time credit data integrated with your Zoho CRM.

What can I do with Credit Data Direct™️ for Zoho CRM?

All Credit Scores

FICO® and VantageScore credit scores.

Full Credit Reports

Pull real-time credit reports from all major credit bureaus.

Loan Calculator

Compare the monthly and total cost of multiple loan offerings.

Loan Comparison Analysis

Send a custom branded loan comparison analysis directly to your customer from within Zoho CRM.

Easily collect, compare, and analyze loan data, all inside your Zoho account.

3 Credit Bureaus

Access to the three credit bureaus gives you all the information you need to manage the risks associated with extending credit and preventing fraud.

Loan Comparison

Our loan comparison calculator allows you to produce a custom branded loan comparison analysis. Send your analysis directly to your customers from within Zoho.

Loan Calculator

Our loan calculator allows you to select existing tradelines from the credit report or manually entered loan data for the comparison analysis.

Automate credit decisions and strategic decision-making.

With StitchCredit’s pre-developed apps we allow you to create and update Consumer Credit records at the touch of a button. This minimizes the need for manual data entry, saving you time and money.